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1908 Cypress Barn

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Plantation home & working farm

Take a step back in time and visit Bethel—working farm and historic home dated 1911.  Part of  a 6,000 acre Spanish Land Grant, dating to 1803, which operated as a working plantation and stayed in the same family until the early 1970s. 

As a working farm, we raise and sell chickens, ducks, peacocks, and geese, as well as registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.  All of our poultry are raised organically and are free range, free roaming, cage-free—and free in every other way you can describe.  See them roaming everywhere on the farm.  And once you taste the delicious eggs, you’ll know these aren’t commercially raised chickens.

We grow organic fruits, herbs and vegetables and raise our own fish.  All in an effort to return to the days that are truly Gone With the Wind—the days of the family farm—the days where you knew where and how your food was raised and that it wasn’t going to poison you with chemicals and additives.

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In 2011 we added a small herd of registered “wild” Appaloosa horses to our farm.  We are now taming and training these beautiful horses and have  21 beautiful Appys. We have formed The Appaloosa Preservation Society and are working with other foundation-bred, multi-generation (App x App) breeders in an effort to preserve, promote, and protect this beautiful breed of horse.  We hope to get the first “pure” Appaloosa (8 generation) on the ground in the next few years.

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Bethel Farms, LLC

P. O. Box 484

2392 Pinckneyville Road

Woodville, MS 39669


Phone:  601-779-0338




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Bethel Farms, LLC

P. O. Box 484

2392 Pinckneyville Road

Woodville, MS 39669

Phone: 601-779-0338


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