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We are John and Monique Wagner and in December, 2007, on Christmas weekend, we were blessed to be able to move into Bethel Plantation.  There’s a long story about how the Lord moved us here and we are happy to share the story with our visitors.

The home is the second home on what was initially a 6,000 acre Spanish Land Grant awarded to Mr. Morris.  He built his home here and raised his family.  His grandson built the current home for his wife in 1908.  It was built to resemble a steamship because, as story has it, the younger Mr. Morris loved to gamble and ride the steamboats.

The property remained a working farm until the early 1970s when the Morris family sold the home and 15 acres—while maintaining ownership of the surrounding several thousand acres.  The Morris descendants still own the surrounding land which is used for hunting leases and oil, gas and timber production.

The home was purchased in the early 70s by two men who spent a fortune renovating it and turning it into a French Palace with imported antique plaster molding, chandeliers, brick walkways lined with hedges, parterres, courtyards.  No expense was spared.  Only problem was that they had  embezzled the money and the home was taken from them and sold to a young couple who lived here till 1999.  Unfortunately, since that time, no one has actually lived here. So the grand home and grounds and surrounding original outbuildings, all fell into a state of despair.  That’s where we come in.

We moved in Christmas weekend of 2007 and have been working non-stop to simultaneously turn the home back into the grandeur it once knew while also turning the grounds back into something livable and presentable.  It’s amazing how quickly forest and wildlife will take over in ten years’ time.  We’ve focused most of our attention on turning it back into a working farm and we’ve been busy raising chickens, ducks, peacocks, geese, and goats while planting vegetable gardens to feed us all and stocking the pond.  With the help of our 5 large dogs, including two German Shepherds and two Great Pyrenees, we are able to allow all of our livestock to free range and enjoy roaming about the farm.  It’s this lifestyle that allows them to produce the best tasting eggs, meat and milk you will ever try.


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